For many touristic companies and destinations, groups are an interesting target group: they generally come during periods that the consumer does not come, they come in numbers and they announce their visit in advance so your organization can coordinate this. However, the question is: how do you reach them?

Mcomm has 30 years of experience in this market. We know many coach operators and tour operators personally. We also know and have the means to reach the target group in the right way. A bus entrepreneur or tour operator requires a different approach than a school or a senior citizen's association. Sometimes we recommend a visit, sometimes a paper or a digital mailing: it is important to approach the target group in the right way!



Groups are interesting for every destination, but how do you reach them? Mcomm Touristic Services has built up many addresses over the years and also knows how to reach these groups. Whether it's a sports, social, senior or service association: we know where to find them! It used to be simple: you went to the coach operator and he took care of the associations. Today, however, the association has already arranged everything and they only come for the bus.

However, the coach operator can also be interesting: they often have a day trip or multi-day program.


Mcomm has the addresses of secondary schools in the Netherlands and Flanders: in total around 1,800 units. Schools can be an interesting target group, depending on your product / service.


Since 2015 we also have all primary school addresses.

We can approach schools in different ways for you: via mailing by post, e-mailing or even by personal visits.

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