How do you get more tourists?


Many companies and organizations want to welcome tourists from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium - three  important markets in Europe. However, the question is how do you reach these tourists? Almost 110 million inhabitants with a growing desire to travel promise many potential customers. Whether you are a hotel group, urban or regional traffic agency, amusement park, (adjacent) airport or bungalow park .... The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium are at your feet, as long as you appeal to the right target audience.

Then it is nice to have a partner who knows the tricks of the trade!


Groups are interesting for every provider, but how do you reach them? Mcomm Touristic Services has built up many addresses over the years and also knows how to reach these groups.

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The consumer is the most important target group and, especially from abroad, the most difficult to reach. Our years of experience mean that we know the way and how we can reach target groups.

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About us

Mcomm has been a specialist in processing the Dutch, German and Belgian market for both domestic and foreign tourism clients for 30 years.


Mcomm Touristic Services specializes in tourism marketing and is part of Mcomm | marketing communications. In addition to knowledge of marketing, tourism marketing also requires knowledge of tourism and the countries in which you are interested. with more than 30 years of experience we know the way! With the advent of the Internet and Social Media, a lot has changed: customers are looking for their own information and are increasingly demanding specialist advice. That is why it is important for providers of touristic products to be found where people are looking for you! Whether it is about internet, social media, print or personal contact: we can help you with this!

Please contact us. We will gladly advise you on the possibilities and impossibilities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany!