How do I reach more tourists?

Many companies and organizations want to welcome tourists from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium – three  important markets in Europe. However, the question is how do you reach these tourists?

The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium are at your feet, as long as you appeal to the right target audience.

Then it is nice to have a partner who knows the tricks of the trade!


Mcomm touristic services

Mcomm has been a specialist in processing the Dutch, German and Belgian market for both domestic and foreign tourism clients for 30 years.

Mcomm Touristic Services specializes in tourism marketing and is part of Mcomm | marketing communications. In addition to knowledge of marketing, tourism marketing also requires knowledge of tourism and the countries in which you are interested. with more than 30 years of experience we know the way!


How do I reach consumers?

The end user is the largest target audience and, certainly from abroad, the most difficult to reach. With years of experience we know the way and how we can reach these target groups. Today the online options have such low costs that the investment can be earned back the quickest. However: this must be done the right way, with an online strategy. Just posting a few messages won’t help you. And here Mcomm Touristic Services can make the difference. Because we are, in addition to the tourism branch, primarily a marketing agency, we know how to make an online strategy a success.


How do I reach groups?

For many touristic companies and destinations, groups are an interesting target group: they generally come during periods that the consumer does not come, they come in numbers and they announce their visit in advance so your organization can coordinate this. However, the question is: how do you reach them? We know many coach operators and tour operators personally. We also know and have the means to reach the target group in the right way. A bus entrepreneur or tour operator requires a different approach than a school or a senior citizen’s association. Sometimes we recommend a visit, sometimes a paper or a digital mailing: it is important to approach the target group in the right way!


They have an efficient way of work with good results. So: Mcomm is the right solution for our problem!

Marcus Hock | Manager international Marketing, DJH City Hostels Rheinland

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